Saturday, December 06, 2008

More on the Orestian Trilogy

This is a computer generated mock-up of how the finished trilogy will look when mounted in a gallery. Before some of the more sharp-eyed of you make comments, yes there are six pictures and yes a trilogy is a three part.... story.
I have made six components of the trilogy as two triptychs. On the left are the three characters that make what the three parts of the trilogy is about, namely, Agamemnon, Electra and Orestes. The right hand triptych has the three protagonists, if that's the right word, Cassandra, Aegisthos and Clytemnestra.
The images shown here are only 12 inches tall, The plan is to have them life-sized at six feet tall. That is going to need a lot of wood for stretchers and canvas to say nothing of the amount of paint used. So that stage will have to wait until I have a little bit more of the necessary wherewithall. Meanwhile I can carry on developing the project and the ideas. You can see more of this on my other blog, The Draughtsman.

I have two exhibitions coming up in the new year whioch is taking up a fair chunk of my time and money. I have a one man show "Mediterranean" at the LUDUS Gallery in Lancaster and the other is a studio collaborative show at the Edge Gallery, also in Lancaster.

"Mediterranean" will focus on my work in Cyprus. The Edge is showing landscape/seacape work by the artists of Luneside Studios.

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