Sunday, January 18, 2009

Abroad Thoughts from Home

England has settled into its regular cold and wet winter routine. A bit like last summer but colder. It seems, as I make my way across town to the studio that there has always been a deep puddle at the traffic lights on Dalton Square through which the traffic goes spreading its bow wave of grimy water over waiting pedestrians. It seems, there has always been a horizontal sheet of rain blowing in directly from Morecambe Bay. Always it seems the lights from passing vehicles are reflected on the shiny wet road. Always it seems, the sky is grey.

But it cannot always be so.

Beyond that thick blanket of grey sky the sun is constantly shining. There have been days, indeed many days, when the skies have been clear, the roads dry and that ubiquitous puddle at the traffic lights has gone. But of course at this time of the year that means it is freezing hard.

At this time of the year I catch myself looking forward to a long hot summer. I don't mean two warm days and a thunderstorm, or if there is no thunderstorm, a hosepipe ban. ("It hasn't rained for two whole days"). But this looking forward is really just wishing your life away. The summer will come. It will get warmer. Lets just get through this winter.

I must admit all this wingeing is a bit tongue in cheek. Yes it is raining a lot here. But when I think of Cyprus, - that's the abroad thought from home, - they are having the most acute water shortage since the time of Constantine the Great, that's the Roman one I mean, circa 350 AD. Cypriot resevoirs are running at 3% full at the moment. They have not had a decent bit of rainfall for the last three years. They would give for our rainfall what we would give for their sunshine.
I remember sitting in a kafenion last time I was was there, a Cypriot I was talking to said something along the lines of, "Eh, Kyrie, if we Cypriots all move to England and you English all move to Cyprus then maybe it make everybody happy, huh? You get the sun and we get the rain!"

Never mind, next week-end I wil be in London meeting up with some ex-pat Cypriots and we plan the next trip or two.

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