Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I need to get out more

Went visiting in-laws today at their house near Keswick in the Lakes. After the last posting moaning about the dirty grey skies etc., here I was sat in the passenger seat of my wife's car heading up the M6. It has been a day of blustery showers of rain sleet and snow. But what a show! Shafts if sunlight poked through the ragged clouds and illuminated patches of pristine white Howgill Fells. As we went over Shap summit the moorland skies were subtly shades of grey, some dark, some light. A large canvas with abstract patterns of Payne's grey mixed with titanium white would have expressed it well. I started to mentally paint this large canvas until I was told to stop waving my arms about. Oops, sorry! Then again, after we left the M6 at Penrith and headed west along the A66 I could see cloud capped Blencathra swathed in veils of pale grey merging with white and making boundaries indistinct. Then a weak sun shone the a hole in the clouds and briefly picked out a jagged snow plastered ridge, it looked like a gigantic piece of royal icing.

I definitely should get out (of the city) more.

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Swearing Mother said...

You and me both Norman, you and me both.

Although its cold outside, I'd just love to get out and about more and escape from my NHS cage.

Trying to cut my hours down to a civilised size so that my "creative side" can get a look in!