Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In Little Limassol

Just got back from a wonderful week-end in London staying with some of my Cypriot friends who live in an area of "Nawf Lahndin" known locally as "Little Limassol. Loadsa Greek cafes and plenty of chance to try out my newly-learnt Greek. It's improving. I can just about string a sentence together now rather than simply quote the phrase book, though I still need to keep it handy(!)
I said in the last posting I need to get out more. Well, I guess this counts, Friday the bus ride with National Express.
Now there's a surprise! They've thrown some money at the Digbeth Road bus station. It doesn't have that "Soviet" look about it any more. But to have the bus stands and queueing in the open air!??! Er, haven't the architects taken the Brummie climate into account. Its only marginally drier than Lancashire. Anyway, back to my tale...
Saturday saw me at the British Museum looking at the real Greek sculptures. If you go to the Parthenon in Athens you'll find the statues are still there but are made of concrete. The originals were shipped to Blighty during Queen Victoria's time.
Sunday it was a car drive to Cambridge and a look at the Fitzwilliam collection. That was a pleasant surprise. The place is chock full of good Renaissance art; Rubens, Titian, Carravagio, Anabale Carrachi.... I could go on. We had tea at a lovely old fashioned tea room. I half expected Miss Marple to walk in at any time.
Monday, the National Gallery in London where I got totally "arted out" then the next day, today, the bus ride home.
In the evenings we just ate and drank and ate and drank and.... Proper Cypriot evenings with old Cypriot friends.
Now I am home, tired, bus lagged and happy.
Its been plain bl***y marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!1

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