Thursday, February 26, 2009

Completed Figure

This is the completed figure that you saw half carved in the last but one posting, "Work in Progress". It was carved from a piece of 4" x 2" off-cut. The development work next door in the Storey is in its closing stages and they are throwing out a lot of redundant timber which they have said I can make use of.
The sharp eyed among you will notice she has a hole in her skirt. If you take a look at the previous image you will see there was a knot in the wood there and when I started carving that area the knot broke up in an unpredictable way so I carefully drilled the knot out. It has added a random factor to the work.

It is not quite finished. There are quite a few pieces like this one that are waiting for final polishing and waxing. This will bring out the grain of the wood more and (hopefully) remove the last vestiges of tooling marks.

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