Sunday, February 08, 2009

Now for something different....

A whole week has passed since the last posting. Dun'time fly?

So what things of great moment have I done? Two things I s'pose, started sculpting a again for a change and went to the theatre last night. More about the theatre anon.

The last time I did any carving was last spring in Lemba, Cyprus. But I fancied getting back into it. Now the studio space at Luneside doesn't really lend itself to stone carving, but wood carving, yes we can manage that. So this last week I made a couple of small, two inch high pieces and at the moment am working on a piece about 15" high. It is being carved out of offcuts from a length of floor joist, 4" x 2". I've been at it for the best part of this last week and am now about three quarters done. It is a Karyatid figure so is part of the current project. I like making sculpture. I like the way the form grows out of the material as I carve. But it is a slow process. I'll post a picture when it is complete.


.... here's something I made much earlier. Probably about nine years ago. It stands only 4" high and is made of Plasticine. The surprise is just how tenacious this stuff is. It is easily moulded and re-shaped yet this figure has stood on my studio shelf all this time. It has endured being moved to new locations a couple of times including our move from St. George's Works to our current site and yet it has survived unscathed. I would like to make a bronze casting from it sometime but I fear the cost will be a bit prohibitive.

The figure is part of a series of nurse-like figures I started way back in the mid 1990s which recurs in my work from time to time. They are part of what I call the "Enigma" series. The enigma is that I don't really know what they are about, let alone the viewer. They are "nurse" figures but are not nurses. Others have said they can see a religious element in them but that could be because I use Renaissance sources for the ideas. Personally I prefer to leave it as it is, "Enigma". Below is a recent painting from the series. It is done in acrylic on canvas and about 15 cm x 21 cm.

The model I use is very good. She never moves, never complains and poses exactly the way I put her. She is in fact a fibreglass mannequin in my studio. At the moment she is modelling in a Hellenic shift for the current series of Karyatids.

May I introduce....

....Galateia, but I'm no Pygmalion!

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