Thursday, March 05, 2009

Of Feral Cats

A link here mentions someone who looks after a colony of feral cats in the USA. This put me in mind of the "Cat Man of Limassol" for which I re-post the blog from a few years back. Click on the 2007 title to see the original entry with picture.

The Man Who Loves Cats (2005)
Not far from Lemesos there is a monastery dedicated to St. Nikolas of the Cats. Access is very limited on two counts. The nuns are part of an enclosed order and it lies right in the middle of the Sovereign Base which is a restricted zone.But...This morning I saw a man carrying a large carrier back walking towards the pier in the Old Harbour. He was followed by what appeared to be the entire feline poulation of Limassol. And, more and more cats rin to join him. When he got to the pier, he stopped, opened his carrier bags and handed pieces of cat food to each individual cat. There was no hurry. No scrabbling among the cats and the man himself made sure the weaker ones and the kittens each got their fair share. The entire process took some time. He patiently fed these cats untill all the cat food was gone and the cats all fed. Then he turned and left the cats and went his way.There are many feral cats on the island. Cyprus is said to be famous for them. Its nice to know there is at least one guy who cares about them.

The Man Who Loves Cats (2006)
Followers of my Blog may remember me talking about the Man Who Loves Cats last year while here in Limassol. He has looked after the feral cats of Limassol for years. At 10-00 am every morning he arrives at the end of Limassol Old Port pier and puts food out and a bowl of water. These cats just know when he's coming. They appear from all the nooks and crannies around and follow him in a great furry mass.Interestingly enough, there is a monastery not far from here dedicated to St. Nicholas of the Cats.

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