Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seem to be getting fitter

The sculpture shelf in my studio

Just this last few days I've noticed there is more of a spring in my step. I don't get short of breath any more. I can walk up the (steep) hills in Lancaster without too much hassle, and most notable of all I can get around without relying in my walking pole. That pole has been with me every time I went out for over two years now. It has become my "comfort blanket", my Linus syndrome signifier. Yeah, I know, once a nurse, always a nurse.
Why this sudden change in health for the better? I really don't know. Well, I don't think I know. It can't be the onset of warmer weather, 'cos there hasn't been any. Well, last week it got rather spring-like for a few days but now, although the sun is shining between showers that wind still prefers to go through you rather than round you. Lazy wind.
No. I rather think its been the switch to making sculpture, - making wood carvings. It is much more physical than drawing and painting. There's the continuous swinging of a mallet at a chisel, the filing, sanding and polishing. The work is clamped in bench vice. There is a lot of crouching and bending and general moving about.
Whatever it is, I'm a lot stronger now.

Tomorrow its our wedding anniversary. Forty-five years. Am I boasting? You betcha!

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Cath said...

Happy anniversary dad - and I'll see you tomorrow. :)