Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Solitary Ceremony

I was hoping to get to Throssel for the Festival of Avelokiteswara (Kwan-Yin) last Sunday. Alas there was no-one going there with a car so a lift was not possible and the the journey by public transport can be quite a protracted affair and I would still have a walk-in of a few miles at the end. This latter would have done my aging bones little good.

However, all was not lost.

My personal shrine is to Kwan-Yin so, I lit a few candles, and did my own solo version. No uplifting choir of monks here, only my rather croaky voice singing into the emptiness.

Solitary, yes. Lonely, no.

Wherever we meditate we are not alone. Somewhere, someone is doing it at the same time. I did my solo ceremony at what I reckoned would be the same time as the Throssel one. As I say...

Solitary, yes. Lonely, no.

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