Tuesday, April 07, 2009

After a Weekend at Throssel

Spent this last week-end up at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. It was a non-retreat week-end which meant only the normal monastic schedule was going on. It was just what I needed. Simply the space to be quiet in the quiet. There were no set "things" or events that were set to happen except the Smanthabhadra Ceremony on Sunday morning. The room I was allocated was a haven of deep peace in an already peaceful place.
Not that I am particularly stressed out. Rather the opposite at the moment. It was just I needed a bit bit of space to reflect. We did a lot of meditation and much of the work period was spent in the kitchen. Not even there was it anything like frenetic. I was given a task, dicing vegetables into half centimetre cubes, and just left to get on with it. Wonderful. No deadline. No rush. No fuss. Just do it. It has been a good week-end.
Now back in Lancaster and back in the world. My studio space is starting to fill up with quite a few sculptures.
None of them particularly big but they do take a bit of room. Actually, last week much of the work was on the shelf on the right while the shelf with the ghetto-blaster on it had pictures stacked there as well. So there has been a bit of re-organising.
The latest piece,

stands about 25 cms tall and modelled (as opposed to carved) in green clay. I've been working on this for the last couple of days. The Hellenic influence is still there but I have given it a more modern slant.Side view of the same piece. The plan is to make two more versions of this. I'd like to make another clay about three times the size of this one. I've also identified a piece of wood, - pitch pine, - 75 mm square section with which to make a carving that will stand around 35 cm tall.

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