Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Drawings (2)

Just finished this one today, one metre tall by one metre fifty wide. That's a tad bigger than A0.
It is a drawing of a relief of pantheatic figures in Parthenon. The original is no longer in Athens, its in the Louvre. The Parthenon in Athens has a faithful copy made of concrete.
Many of the Greek sculptures have been extensively damaged which at first is hardly surprising seeing that the Parthenon was built around 1000 BCE. However, it survived the Persian Wars, The Peloponesian Wars, Roman invasion, Christian Iconoclasm and mediaeval Islamic incursion. According to what I learned at the British Museum, the destruction took place under the Ottoman Turks and was the result of an accident. The Parthenon building was used as an ammunition store. Sooner or later it would blow up. It did, and nearly three thousand years of intact archeology went with it.
But from an artist point of view, this mutilated sculpture presents an interesting perspective. The line used to delineate the form is now incomplete leaving the eye to contemplate what remains. In trying to see what it may have looked like we need to let our imagination do the rest. It is as with line drawing, some absent lines can be "read" as if already there.
It has taken the best part of a week to do. I don't know if it is finished but it seems to have reached a point where there isn't anything more to add.
Now to put another large sheet of paper on the wall....

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