Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big Drawings

At the moment I am giving my carving tools a little rest for a week or so.
Luneside Studios can be a strange place at times. Let me explain.
When a prospective artist comes to us applying for space to work in we explain that we don't have an "in-house" style. Well we don't. Each one of us is different But...
When we were at St. George's Quay, we each did our own thing and that was that. Everyone was on with something different. But now we are at the new place up by the Castle, we seem to be all doing the same thing at the same time. Not the same subject matter but the same things.
A few weeks ago I was doing small work; small drawings/paintings not much bigger than A4. Some were even postcard size. Lo and behold, so was everybody else. It all happened spontaneously. Now, I am doing very large scale drawings, partly to work out sculptural ideas. Four more of us are doing very big six feet by four feet drawings. They aren't following my lead, there was one other who has been doing big stuff for a while now. But it is really curious that a number of us end up doing similar things.
The exception to the rule is that I am the only sculptor, (for now). There is one other that makes 3D work from time to time but not at the moment. He's doing big drawings too, on huge sheets of brown paper.

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Cath said...

You should all club together and do one HUMUNGOUS one between you. Then sell it to the Council and split the proceeds. :)

I'll have my 5% for the idea... ;0)