Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I have never been quite sure as to why the Christians, - those in the Western Catholic tradition at any rate, - refer to the commemoration day of their Saviours crucfixion and subsequent death as Good Friday. I tend to think the Greek Orthodox naming of this day as Μεγάλη Παρασκέυη, or Great Friday more appropriate. There is little doubt this is a major part of the Christian calendar. Incidentally, the Greeks won't be commemorating theirs for another week yet.
However, as I walked into town, there, at Dalton Square, Lancaster's City centre, all traffic had been brought to a stop while the local combined churches held their "Way of the Cross" march which stopped at various key places in the city. At each point a part of the crucifixion story was relayed and a hymn sung. Pictured here is the final hymn "station".

The procession now ended, the crowd dispersed and it is left to two people to carry the cross back to Priory Church up by the Castle. In the story, a certain Simon of Cyrene was called upon to help Jesus carry His cross. Er, surely that Cyrenian is a woman? Well why not?

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