Saturday, April 11, 2009


Among the visitors to our bird-table is this cheeky chappie, a solitary feral pigeon. It was not entirely welcome at first, partly as a consequence of local by-laws outlawing feral pigeons as vermin and feeding them to be discouraged.
However, after having at the beginning tried to get to the bird-table before the others and clearing it of everything put out for the birds, it now takes its place in the pecking order. He got mobbed by Zeus and his friends so now it waits. Actually it seems that scavenging is in a feral pigeon's nature because I'll grant he/she/it cleans up very efficiently. That pigeon diligently pecks away until the table is absolutely clear. That's why we've re-named him/her, "Hooverbird" the avian vacuum cleaner.


Cath said...

Well named. How on earth can a bird be outlawed when we cannot control where they fly?
Crazy councils.

Norman said...

Ergo. The Law is an ass.