Saturday, May 09, 2009

Restoration Job

Our Meditation Group statue has been showing signs of wear and tear lately; the odd chip here the hairline crack there, scratches in the gilding and so on. It had been mooted for some time about getting some restoration work done on it. I was asked if I could do it.

Could I? I wasn't entirely sure. I rather suspected it had been finished in gold leaf. The whole statue is actually a plaster cast, hand made and when we acquired it several years ago it wasn't exactly cheap. It was purpose made for the group. But could I do it? I took a deep breath and said "Yes."

Actually I took the statue to the studio and next day some of our more expert studio members gave the job a look-over. Tests soon revealed it was not covered in gold leaf but gilded. That is painted with gold paint. Much relieved, gold leaf is very expensive I set about repairs. The plasterwork was made good before going to London for a week. On my return I set about applying the gilding and several days later, today in fact, the job was completed. The seal coating applied and now the statue is in a protective coat of polythene ready for transfer back to the Lancaster Group Meditation Hall.

The Lancaster Buddha

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