Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Latest Project

Cowled Head is the name I've given to this piece of sculpture that I've been working on over the last three weeks or so. It stands about 14" (35 cm) high, not counting the base. I should point out the rough looking plank it sits on in the picture is not the intended base but simply an anchor piece to hold it on to the bench. The carving stage is pretty well completed here. Some filing has been done. There only remains some sanding to do then more sanding, then polishing and so on. It looks a bit white and stone-like at the moment after rough sanding. The grain will show more when it is finished.

Today has been a lovely warm one so I spent most of the day sitting on the studio steps sanding this sculpture. Just like in Cyprus. I noticed in the bathroom mirror this evening I have darkened my tan a bit.

Here's a close-up detail of Cowled Head. The eyes need some fine carving but not yet. The main sculpture needs more work doing on it first. If you look closely you will see either a dividing line or the abrupt change in grain running down the face. This is because I have not carved from a solid piece of wood but built up a block by laminating lengths of 44 mm square timber, rather in the way pine furniture is made. Hopefully, by this method I have avoided shrinkage cracks forming in the years to come.


Mickle in NZ said...

I don't find the change abrupt, am liking the small grain changes in the cheek. The grain swerves in the neck look so appropriate, so fitting to this piece.

I've enjoyed looking at the wood grain in close-up.

just watch building that "tan", sunblock please. There is no such thing as a healthy tan - don't go joining the skin cancer statistics please, dear Thole Man.

And to bring us all down to laughing level the word verification is - plonakst

Norman said...

Actually I am one of the lucky ones who never burns, just tans. When in Cyprus I get mistaken for a Greek. Kalos!
Talking of which, when out in the sun I avoid the English habit of stripping all off within the limits of decency. Like the Greeks I tend to keep (relatively) covered and work in dappled shade under a tree.
Skinblock = poreblock. Skin can't breathe, body temp rises. No thanks.
However in NZ I believe the ozone layer is a bit thinner.

Thumbelina said...

Sun burns wherever you are in the world. Sun block . screen = life saver.
Sweating is a minor discomfort compared to skin cancer, which is on the increase. So you need to protect your face and hands. Safety first. :)

Thumbelina said...

PS - love how this piece is coming on.