Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Lazy Summer Day

Glasson Dock is a small seaport village some five miles or so south of Lancaster. On Sundays it is a regular venue for bikers, - motor cyclists to the un-initiated. It used to be a regular spot for me in my biking days.

The weather these last few days has been a bit more summer-like and this morning I thought it might be a good idea to have a day away from the studio. We are in the throes of decorating and generally preparing the studios for its official open/open day so we are rather busy with that as well as trying to make art. So a day away sounds a good idea, - while this nice weather lasts.
So, taking advantage of my bus pass I took the bus to Glasson Dock. I sat on benches being something of a sleepy old man, I walked round the marina eating a huge ice-cream. I sat at the biking venue drinking tea, having a chip butty and viewing the machinery.
I haven't ridden a [motor] bike for eight years now but the bike scene never really leaves you. You are part of that subculture for life. It is a bit like having been to sea, as any old sea-dog will tell tell you, it never really leaves you either.
Then it was high tide and the waiting boats and ships could now enter the docks. These docks retain their water at low tide by means of a canal lock system. The road through the village passes over one of the lock gates into the marina. For a good half hour or so the swing bridge was set to one side and all motor traffic ceased. Only marine traffic moved, and at a more sedate pace too. It was a very leisurely wait for the bus back to Lancaster, it wasn't going anywhere just yet.
After a bus ride through little lanes surrounding the city I was back home. The sun still shone brightly. I sat in the back yard drawing until the sun went down.
A lovely day. Sitting quietly, doing nothing. Should do it more often methinks.

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Thumbelina said...

Definitely do it more often. It's a great way to meditate and relax.