Thursday, June 04, 2009

Silent Thoughts

I'm back in the Northlands.
The bride's house during the final countdown to her wedding is not the most conducive place for quiet contemplation, but Wales has it's compensations. It has mountains where you can quickly find somewhere (relatively) quiet, even in an urbanised valley containing Bargoed. So my mornings were spent in such a place.
There is a disused railway which has been made into a cycle path as part of the Parc Cwm Daran, a thin stretch of National Park extending northwards from the town of Bargoed towards Brecon. It was along this stretch that I would sit on one of the park benches provided.

Sitting in the Eternal moment
Where time is "no-time".
No beginning;
No end.

Yet this body ages a little more with time's passage.

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Swearing Mother said...

Nice place to be, Norman. All looks lovely.