Saturday, August 29, 2009

Before the Quest

Getting ready for this Cyprus trip is not unlike preparing for the quests we read about in epic stories; - Lord of the rings, King Arthur and the Holy Grail, Eric Brighteyes, Siegfried.... the list goes on. Seeing its a trip to Cyprus, Perseus and the rescue of Andromeda came to mind.

All these quest stories (and the computer games they engender) have the same thing; namely collecting a number of vital items before setting off. They always have a magic sword and some other things like special mirrors, a goddess' blessing which usually involves armour or some level of invincibility oh, and of course, the magic sword. Mustn't forget that.

Well Perseus had to get the All Seeing Eye, a Mirror, the Head of Medusa, a Helmet to make himself invisible, a goddess' Blessing, I think it was Aphrodite, a pair of Special Flying Sandals borrowed from Hermes no less and of course he could not go without a MAGIC SWORD.
And off he went To a far off land to find Andromeda. Mind you, three thousand or so years ago when he did this, all he had to put up with was gorgons, dragons, harpies, the occasional man-eating sphinx, a big time god who didn't like him, not to mention sirens, Scylla and Charybdis. But he managed.
Imagine trying to go to a far off land today. Well, there's airport security for a start.
"Now Sir, you can carry your goddess' blessing and helmet and that mirror with your cabin luggage but not that eyeball thing, its' classified as a liquid container. And I'm afraid that big shiny knife (the magic sword?) must travel in the hold.
"Now if you would be so kind as to remove those sandals and put them through the scanner and while your waiting I want to see what you have in that box."
Well, Perseus being a law abiding chap did as the security guard asked and opened the box.
Security looked on, - stonily.

Now where's my Magic Sword gone?
Oh here it is, a mallet and set of chisels.

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