Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clear the decks...

Clear the decks, not so much for action, but to make room for the artist who is going to use my space while I'm away in Cyprus. He'll have use of half my space once I've got the stuff shown here stashed on the other side . The space is a room 9 feet square so it'll have to be stacked in a pretty neat and compact way.
That's what I've spent a large part of today doing. The carving tools you can see on the table are coming to Cyprus with me along with a stock of paper and paints. Its all packed into a suitcase now so that's a big-ish job out the way.
The new incumbent is a glass ceramicist who tells me he doesn't need a particularly large space to work in and my half space will be perfect. His paying rent on half a space cuts down the amount I have to pay for it while I'm away.
I leave for Larnaka on Monday and won't be back in Blighty until mid-November.
I may get chance to post a little using the Larnaka studio computer but my slots will be a bit limited.


Mickle in NZ said...

Happy and safe travels.

Remember the sunblock for the Med and some woollies for your return home. Looking forward to seeing the results of the inspiration you pick up.

Care and Best Wishes,

Michelle and a mildly snoring Zebbycat

Mickle in NZ said...

P.S. hope the new roof has been completed, otherwise you'll be in trouble when you get back!

Norman said...

Thanks Mickle, (and Zebbycat)!
Yes, the roof is all completed. They made a right good job of it too.