Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting a new Roof

We have the roofing men working overhead replacing the worn out slates. The roof was built when Queen Victoria was little more than a teenager. Our house is easy to spot right no, its the one with all the scaffolding.
I've got to give it to those roofing guys, they really get on with the job. We had a couple of really fine days and they took advantage of the dry weather and worked with hardly a break. Yesterday the gods were grossly incontinent, it rained all day, but undismayed the men turned up and did what they could between raindrops. Then a lorryload of new slates arrived and the lorry needed unloading and slates stacked up top. They worked through atrocious weather to complete that particular task. By lunchtime they were soaked through and once the stuff was stacked safely they called it a day.
But this morning, wall-to-wall blue skies and they were up aloft before I got out of bed, and I was up at 7-30!
These guys don't waste time.


Swearing Mother said...

We had our roof replaced one February, subzero temperatures and all. Needless to say, it was a very quick off and then back on again job before the weather ruined all our belongings in the loft, which we were supposed to have sorted out but hadn't quite got round to doing.

Fantastic blokes, kept going with frequent bacon sandwiches provided by yours truly.

Thumbelina said...

They did a good job too!
My last post is up.

Mickle in NZ said...

Hope all is going well roof wise, and art wise too.

I know you'll be keeping an eye on dear Thumbelina, I send sincere love, care and enormous admiration to her. Please let the dear woman know.

The word verification is 'undly'. it should mean something - almost!

Michelle, xxx to you and thumbles

Norman said...

to Mickle in NZ,
I'll pass your message on.
I'll be in Cyprus as of the end of the month so my postings may be a bit infrequent for the next three months. But I'll try to update once a week if possible, even if its only to show me as an employed beach bum.