Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starting Countdown...

Ten days to Cyprus. And counting. Got a phone call from Larnaka today confirming I am expected at the time I said I would arrive. It has been a busy few days making final arrangements.
Its not like pacage holidays. As this is a three month stay I have to make my own arrangements and set up my own contacts. Its cheaper that way anyway. It does help having been there several times before; I now have a reasonable network of contacts.
Now its all coming together at last. must admit I'm starting to get excited.
But its not a holiday. I am there to help out at the college. My main job is to take students on field trips. Open air painting/drawing sessions, mostly on the beach. Well, someone's gotta do it!!! Oh yes, and one lecture a week, mainly about my own work and to provide practical backup to the syllabus.
To be honest though, its a galaxy away from the British (art school) scene. Take a peek at the website.

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Thumbelina said...

10 days?
Is that all?

Doesn't time fly...