Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Couple of Pieces of Work

Here are some of the sculptures I made in Cyprus. The standing figures are about 30 cm tall. This is how they were shown at the Cyprus College of Art's gallery.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mediterranean Dawn

As Homer would have put it,
Rosy fingered Dawn drove the darkness from the night as Selene's brilliance waned and Helios harnessed his bright steeds to his chariot to rise from the wine-dark sea into the brightness of a new day.

Or words to that effect.

One morning I decided to make the two-hundred metre journey down to the east facing beach to watch the dawn. At the edge of the beach stands an open air theatre. I sit on the steps of the stage and look out to sea.....

Pre-dawn darkness.
A crescent moon hangs over the eastern horizon.
The sea is as flat as a millpond.
Then the red flush of false dawn, it quickly fades to grey.
I wait.
Then finally, -
The bright orb of the sun peers over the offing
Rising verticall to clear the horizon in five short minutes,
Its strength perceptibly increasing.
Still low in the sky
The heat is in the day already.

All very Homeric. I get up and turn to leave. Time for a coffee.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Much of my time in Cyprus was spent in Larnaka, a small town about the size of Lancaster but with much narrower streets and just as much traffic.
However there were moments when I got out of town. People were kind enough to take me for car rides and visiting and one Cypriot sculptor in particular, Gigis Patsalis entertained me at his very rural studio in Vavla, high up in the hills near Lefkara, a place famous for its lacemaking. It was after one such day that I composed this little poem:

Magnificat Anima Mea

The song of my soul
Is the running of the deer,
The howl of the wolf,
The ocean's swell
And the whispering trees
When no wind stirs.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, I'm back.

Spent a lot of time making sculpture. Many of the pieces have been left there and are being considered by a local gallery in Larnaka.
There are a number of ideas buzzing around in my head, ideas that have matured in the time I've been out there.
Apert from my own work I've been kept pretty busy in the School of Art itself organising workshops and tutorials. And in case some of you are wondering, I got to the beach about three times in the entire three-month stint. It was no holiday but admittedly it was work under very pleasant circumstances with all that lovely sunshine. Well it got more pleasant after mid September when things cooled off a bit to a bearable 35 degrees C.
Actually if anyone is ever thinking of going to Cyprus for a holiday, about now is probably the best time to go. Its about the same as an English high summer in June. There is the possibility of rain but otherwise pretty fine. Temps about 25 - 30 throught the day dropping to about 15-18 at night.
I haven't post much 'cos computer time was rather limited. But now I'm back, I may well post a few memories. I did take notes, write a few (bad) haiku and other poems summing up my feelings at the time.