Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, I'm back.

Spent a lot of time making sculpture. Many of the pieces have been left there and are being considered by a local gallery in Larnaka.
There are a number of ideas buzzing around in my head, ideas that have matured in the time I've been out there.
Apert from my own work I've been kept pretty busy in the School of Art itself organising workshops and tutorials. And in case some of you are wondering, I got to the beach about three times in the entire three-month stint. It was no holiday but admittedly it was work under very pleasant circumstances with all that lovely sunshine. Well it got more pleasant after mid September when things cooled off a bit to a bearable 35 degrees C.
Actually if anyone is ever thinking of going to Cyprus for a holiday, about now is probably the best time to go. Its about the same as an English high summer in June. There is the possibility of rain but otherwise pretty fine. Temps about 25 - 30 throught the day dropping to about 15-18 at night.
I haven't post much 'cos computer time was rather limited. But now I'm back, I may well post a few memories. I did take notes, write a few (bad) haiku and other poems summing up my feelings at the time.

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Thumbelina said...

Welcome back!
At least it kept you out of mischief.

My blog roll didn't update so it is just by chance I knew you'd posted. Well, by nosiness really, scrolling down and thinking five weeks since the last post? so I clicked and here you are.

Welcome home. :)