Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Back!! - for now.

Is it reallyfour months since the last time? I think It its this blogging has settled into the mundane, today I did this and yesterday that, blah, blah blah. In short it was getting a bit repetitive and boring. For me at any rate.
But lately, my art has been exploring the woirld of myth and legend, not only the Greek Myths but some of the more home grown Northern European ones. So I've decide to populate these pages with some of the findings. Some will be versions of well-known stories and others dreamed up as pure entertainment.
I have over the years done some writing. All the "writings" are really fragments of stories and intended books that got so far and then run out of steam.

One thing I have noticed is how many of our best loved fairy stories share common themes, Snow White, Cinderella two name but two. What I have also discovered is that many of these stories which usually end up in pantomime have been "sanitised" by the Victorians to fit in with the political correctness of their day. So there you have it, PC is nothing new.

So over these next few pages, lets hope I can entertain those of you who take the trouble to read these pages. Please feel free to comment. At least I'll know there's somebody out there.

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Thumbelina said...

Der's somebody out here!

Entertaining stories. Daddy style. That I look forward to. :0)