Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let's see now...

The first story that comes to mind is one I remember from my childhood. There was a certain Miss Baker, a schoolteacher who, when I was around nine or ten, on the Friday afternoons at school, used to read us stories from a large book. Was it Grimm's fairy tales? I don't know. But many of them have stayed in my memory all my life and I have enjoyed relaying these stories in my own way to my children and subsequently my grand-children.
I would usually take them to our local park which would become the forest setting for these stories. Sometimes we would be in the Lakes or back in my native Northumberland where there is real forest.
But now for this first story. The names of the characters have become lost with time so I shall tell it in the first person so the forest may not be quite so, "in a land far, far away". (Cue spine chilling laugh.)
Now. Are you all sitting comfortably?

Then I'll begin.....

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Thumbelina said...

Yes, it was those nights in the tent (the Jamais, remember? Is that how you spelled it? I never looked...) after long walks up hill, down dale or especially, through dark forests, that these stories sprung to life. :0)

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