Friday, March 04, 2011

An Obsession (3)

This was painted around 1995. At the time I was starting to look at chiaroscuro works such as those by Carravaggio but at the time of painting this I was also influenced by NASA images from their space programmes where stark differences twixt light and shade were sharpened to an extreme degree. This figure looks as if she is sitting out in space. But that is what I was doing at the time. I made several versions using the exaggerated play of light and shadow. I think another influence at that time was in seeing nursing colleagues moving through the shadowy world of the ward at night. Their white dresses contrasted starkly with the gloom of the background. The main light source at night on a hospital ward is anglepoise lamps directed down on to a table surface or the floor.
This particular piece is painted in acrylic on Fabriano paper. I used Frabriano quite a lot at the time, I liked its rough, canvas-like texture.

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