Saturday, March 05, 2011

An Obsession (4)

Moving things along a little, here are two later examples. I have moved on from the blue dress/white apron image to shades of grey. Dark grey dress/light grey apron. These are post 2005 by which time I had retired from nursing and so no longer addicted, if that is the right word, to the traditional colours of nurses. Incidentally, I always denied these were images of nurses per se but clearly there is some relationship. Such is the nature of things.
I think that at the final analysis artists tend to make statements/comments through their art about their surroundings and the situations they find themselves in.

This particular example shows the model in a meditation pose with hands in lap with the thumbs touching lightly as prescribed in the Zen tradition. Another case of comment about the situation this particular artist regularly finds himself.
The model for these paintings is a life size mannequin in my studio. She is the perfect model. She never moves, never complains, very cheap to feed i.e. doesn't eat, so far as I know, and never answers back. I call her Galateia after the Cypriot Pygmalion legend. Well I would, wouldn't I?

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