Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Allow me to introduce.....

She has been my model for some ten years now. She has never complained, stands perfectly still, never answers back,  keeps her opinions to herself,  never whinges wanting to be fed, in fact has never been fed and nor paid, for that matter. But she does have a bit of a glassy stare and is not flesh and blood, more fibreglass  and  metal really. She stands in a corner of my studio behind the door so that she doesn't give visitors too much of a fright as they walk in. With much of my work centrering around a Hellenic theme she is dressed for the most part in a chiton which I made myself, as I have all her clothes as shown here. Recently she has turned up at exhibitions when my work is being shown. But I must admit there is a bizarre side to this when transporting her. Her legs and arms go in the boot of a car while her torso travels in the passenger seat. Wearing a safety belt of course!

The current on-going project wall has a corner with words associated with my ideas. Not unlike the "brainstorming" so much in vogue at business conferences. I tend to write the  keyword as it comes to mind and never look at it again once its on the wall. For some reason, once I have physically written and posted it, its there, in my brain. If you click on the picture below it should show large enough for the labels to be legible. Some words are in Greek. I'm trying to keep this newly learnt language alive.

Just to give an insight into the creative process.

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