Saturday, October 29, 2011

Challenge (2)

From behind, the crack that appeared in the sculpture doesn't look too bad. The image on the left is the maquette sans crack (naturally) and that on the right is the wood carving after I had cut through the line of that shrinkage crack. Needless to say this work is far from finished, much of the rough carving is still in progress. However if we take a look at the figure from the front .... can be seen the damage is much more obvious. This is after having made the cut and divided the sculpture into two halves then tidied up the jagged edges. The plan is to carry on carving the two separate halves until it has reached its semi-finished state and by then, hopefully, all shrinkage will have ceased. After that the two halves will be re-united and permanently fixed and  traces of the cut removed. Having got this far I have no intention of giving up on it even if I am a bit disappointed at not having made a single-piece carving.
In the next few posts I'll show some of the drawings and other work that has led to this point.

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Fried Egg Sandwich said...

I know you like a challenge, but you must have the patience of Job to see this one through!

The fantastic photo you sent me of it on Saturday belies the hard work and belief you have in this piece.

I really can't wait to see the finished piece - try not to sell it until then LOL :-)