Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Healers and Healed

This last few months has shown me just how fragile health is. Gradual decline with advancing years can be an accepted norm and indeed was in my case until a spate of urine infections told me that there's more going on here. There's something wrong.
Once that "wrong" was diagnosed and treated many of the problems I associated with advancing years, such as constant tiredness, breathlessness, all resolved and I've got my life back. Sufficient to say there is an ongoing programme of treatment to reverse the condition. There is no evidence of cancer by the way.
This has all given me another area to explore artistically. There are preliminary drawings and ideas posted on my studio wall covering the theme of the fragility of health and the activity of healing. I have for a large part of my working life been involved in the latter and now I am experiencing being a patient. This gives a rounded picture of the whole idea as illustrated in the drawing above. This will be developed into a painting at some point.

This is a section of the ideas wall. You can see the "Healer" sketch at the bottom along with variants of this theme. The crucifixions at the top are not meant to portray any Christian message but are an attempt to look at how a healthy body can so readily be damaged. There's more work to be done in developing this idea. Its all a bit of a mixture really. Rather like emptying a box of jig-saw pieces onto a table then trying to put it all together into a coherent whole.

I like visiting other studios to see how work develops; in many ways it is more interesting than viewing the finished product in some art gallery where little hint is given as to how the artist's work got to that point. Similarly, rehearsals give a deeper insight into the play or concert than the actual performance.

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