Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Offering" Drawings

During 2009 while working in Larnaka I made a series of  large drawings of individual "priestess" figures taking part in some imagined temple activity. They were shown at the college's gallery as was customary. Artists-in-residence are usually invited to stage an exhibition of their work, not only at CyCA but wherever that residency may be. Perhaps these drawings will all get another airing at some future venue.

 Here are two of the fore-runners of the current sculpture project. The semi-transparent clothing follows the trend extant in ancient Greece around 450  to 300 BC as evident in the sculpture of that period.
However, I felt it might be better if the arms were covered like in the (photo-shop enhanced) image...

This is edited from another painting, "Meeting".
From this I did a charcoal and chalk drawing on textured grey  paper...

.... by now the idea was beginning to take shape. She holds aloft a bowl containing some light or energy radiating substance as an offering to some deity. This piece is about A3 size and stands on its own as an individual work. On my return to England I started to work out how this could be made as a sculpture. I decided the upper arms should be horizontal and the figure kneeling. I may at some future time make a standing "Offering" but not just yet. Another practical consideration is keeping some strength in the limbs. These could break off all too readily so this is where the long sleeves come in.

The working sketch. This brings the whole thing full circle. Little did I realise that once the maquette was made, working this up into a full sculpture would present itself as a technical challenge.

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