Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ressurection, - perhaps.

Seven whole months have past since I last wrote here. A lot of water has gone down the Lune and into Morecambe bay since then. So a little bit of tidying up the profile and putting up a picture of what I look like rather than a section of my artwork as a cypher. But that may change. Thole Man has been resurrected. Let's hope I can keep it going.

This last summer has had me coping with illness, much of which has since been resolved but is still something of an on-going process. The price of growing old I guess. But, having said that, I still present as a young looking septuagenarian  Leastways that's what people tell me. Certainly at my age, especially when then majority of my contemporaries have died, I am grateful to have lived long enough to "live the dream" and spend much of my time making art.

A lot of my friends never made it to retiring age, 65. I'm inclined to think the government statement that more of us are living longer is something of a propaganda myth.But let's not get political.

Thole Man will continue as varied ramblings covering art, life as I see it, and a little spiritual; input here and there.

Cyprus is becoming a distant memory. It was 2009 when I was last there having worked for three-month periods from 2005 sometimes visiting twice a year. However I have gathered enough material to keep me in project material for quite some time. Painting is a relatively fast process, I can produce a sizeable piece of work in 30 to 40 hours. Sculpture is quite another matter. It can take months to produce a finished object. Its not a case of making drawings then the piece, - if only. No, it sometimes if not always calls for the making of maquettes (models) out of clay. Drawing in 3D if you like. Then the process of carving requires time and patience.
Imagine if you will a figure enclosed in a box but with the packing material so tight it is the same density as the figure. You need mallet, chisel, file and finer tools to realise the object within.But when that figure finally emerges, it is like being a midwife at a birth.

Thole Man has been revived. Let's hope I can keep it going. I may not necessarily post daily. Please feel free to make your comments.

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