Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Journey to the Temple

It is early Sunday morning and three of us make the car journey to Rochdale Zen Retreat, a temple within the OBC tradition. As the address on the link shows, Rochdale is something of a misnomer. It was originally sited there but subsequently moved to Horwich, just north of Manchester and is now at Little Hoole, just south of Preston.
My friend drove me from Lancaster down the M6 and we made a detour across the Fylde to pick up another friend at Lytham.
It was a lovely and clear if cold morning as we journeyed there. Lapwings  gathered in the low-lying fields and overhead we saw two large skeins of swans making their almost casual flight inland in characteristic vee- formation. A low flying heron flapped lazily  in the opposite direction only a few feet above the ground following the riverbank. The Fylde is relatively flat but one or two low lying hills that projected above the rising ground mist gave the impression of something much larger.
After picking up the third member our little trio  headed for the Ribble estuary and skirting the outer edges of Preston entered another area of flatland, the Leyland Hundred. This is ancient flatland whose history stretches back to Saxon times and is indeed recorded in the Domesday Book. It extends almost as far south as Liverpool. Our destination at Little Hoole is in a delightful rural setting. Its hard to believe it sits right on Preston's urban doorstep.
After meditation, a Dharma talk and a cup of tea we headed back home in the afternoon sunshine stopping at a drive-in MacDonald's near a marina on the Ribble . Tea and sandwiches completed a pleasant and uplifting day out.

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