Friday, November 04, 2011

Of dogs and dreams

When my daughter is working a full day, my wife and I take it in turns to walk her dog . My wife usually does the morning walk and I do the afternoon one. This happens a couple of times a week on average.
 This is Tai, my canine companion who loves to catch sticks, run away with them then drop them at my feet obliging me to throw  once again. He is a Staffie/Labrador cross who lives for play. But there are times when he's content to simply walk,sniffing around and leaving a scent mark here and there. One of his favourite routes (and mine) is a circuit from his home and taking in Fairfield Orchard where he meets other canine friends.

In the centre of this orchard is a semi-circle of tree stumps, a sort of installation which I suppose can be anything you want it to be.
For me its a source of inspiration. It reminds me of a sort of "court" where, apart from trials taking place, it could be a high court of kings or guardians of secret places or a tribal council seat. The list can be endless. Something along the lines of the guardians of the Grail come to mind as in Wagner's Parzifal.
However, such legends are not the exclusive realm of early European Christianity, consider Tolkein's Lord of the Rings trilogy, for example the Council of Elrond not to mention the Arthurian legends. I could go on.....

I first came across this semi-circle some years before on a (dog-less) walk. It inspired an idea that culminated in......
"The Guardians".
Seven figures standing  12 inches  high and one kneeling figure, all  on a base 18 inches square. I envisioned this as a life-size or larger-than-life-sized group located in a forest with an easy access path but  sited in such a way that one would come across it by surprise. The passage of time would have it overgrown with moss giving a more fantasy-like aspect .

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