Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That "challenge" and other work

"The Offering".
The carving stage of this challenging piece now complete and repairs to shrinkage cracks done. I've left it like this for the time being while I get on with other stuff. I want to be absolutely sure the wood has at last settled down before moving on to waxing and polishing. Before that, there's more work needed on the repair itself to make it a bit less visible. It has stood in this corner of the studio over a week now and so far its looking good.

Currently, I'm making a series of figures intended to sit in wall-mounted boxes like the one shown here and featured with other work on my website. This particular piece called "Introspection" was shown in a recent exhibition, Narrative Pieces. The box is about 16" tall.
One  piece I'm making is a female figure standing as if leaning with her back to the wall, one foot resting against it and her arms extended upwards. The clay maquette will give some idea of what I have in mind.
Carving started in the middle of last week and has kept me busy for now.
At around 3-00 pm. today I stopped for a cup of tea. Actually I take several cups of tea during my time in the studio. I think its safe to say Luneside Studios runs on tea!  I didn't merely stop to have a quick slurp, I needed to step back and assess how things are going. Much of the time this figure has been worked on lying down so I arranged it in a standing position by fixing it to an upright post. An anglepoise lamp served to provide some side-lighting.

She stands some 12" (30 cm) tall and her extended arms make the entire figure about 14" (35 cm) tall. In the context shown here she looks more like a martyr from Renaissance imagery than the  more peaceful image I have in mind. There's a fair bit of work to be done yet.

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