Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cathedra update

Painted some of the component parts today and set it up as a sub-assembly to see how its going to look. The black box it all fits into stands 33 inches tall. The figure that will sit on the throne is yet to be carved. A piece of limewood is sitting on the bench waiting. Meanwhile here is a clay maquette of the figure sitting on a corrugated cardboard mock-up of the throne.

I've painted the backgrounds for some of the other pieces, all of which are at various stages of construction. This is a sub-assembly of a so far untitled piece.

"Untitled Male" is its provisional name. A reaching figure holding an ovoid form (egg?) aloft. I plan on colouring the "egg" to appear as if glowing with some sort of energy but having seen it so far with only the white primer I wonder if white might be better. I'll have to have a think about that. The figure is made from obeche wood and is as yet unpolished. That will be the next job with this particular piece.

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