Friday, December 02, 2011

The Healer

Regular readers may recall seeing this  image as part of the second picture posted here. This drawing  is 40 x 50 cm. and is intended to be developed into a painting at some point. Actually I'm having to plan what I do and when, in the studio just now. At the moment I'm  making a number of carvings. That generates a lot of dust. Not a good environment to make paintings in, so such work is on "hold" for the time being.

So, what about this image, The Healer?

I am in two minds whether to call it that or give it the Greek title Therapeia (Θεραπέια) or even The Comforter. The healer not only heals or helps to heal, physical wounds but also emotional and spiritual ones too. While physical damage may require the application of dressings, medication and nursing care, emotional healing and dare I say, spiritual healing responds at a much deeper level through contact, communication and compassion for ones fellow beings regardless of who they may be. Sometimes it is enough to just listen, and be seen to listen. Response is not always necessary. Indeed the healer may be quite unable to offer practical advice but the fact they have taken the trouble to care is often enough.

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